San Antonio Colonial Tortilla Factory
100% Nixtamal and Organic Soy Products
Nixtamal & Soy Delicious Tortillas!
Made fresh daily just for you.
It's not our work. It's our passion
Our Tortillas are prepared and packed by qualified, trained staff.
Benefits of Soy
People Know Quality

Our products are made with top quality and 100% Organic products.

We respect and support healthy communities and the environment; therefore, we believe that consumers deserve to have healthier food options on the market that use sustainably grown and nutritious products without added harmful chemicals. 
We have created a special Soy Dough with many different flavors that are already familiar to you, except that we make them healthier, 100% Organic and NON-GMO, Products like​:
All of our products are made for any kind of place that use tortillas or makes tacos, what is a Restaurant, Taqueria, Taco stand, or simply to make your own tacos at home.

The Tacos and especially the Mini Tacos are the most popular among everyone that enjoys a really good food, and with a good tortilla taste even better.
Nobody does it better.